Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Great Glendale Hummus Search, part 2, sooner than I'd planned.

What, more hummus already? The Great Glendale Hummus search continues today minus any plan for it to do so.  After the last sampling I thought maybe a quiet bit of rest, reflection and research to make it a somewhat thorough and fair endeavor. 

Also, I was running really late in the Out-and-About part of the day. That's the part right before I punch the troglodyte card, which, incidentally, has never been done LATE in many, many years. And then I passed this place. Oh, sigh.

Pacific Food Mart, on, go figure, Pacific @ Dryden.  First, nice little store.  Bright and lively, everything a cave dweller thrives on.  More than that, it's hard not to fall for a place that has three fantastic paintings of chickens and flowers above its deli counter.

The gentleman assured me: no sugar.  Also, that the hummus was just made.  And that it's really good.  A waiting customer standing next to me concurred. She said, "It's clean." The hummus, when he handed it to me, was still warm.  Hopes were high.  And then I hightailed it out of there.

This hummus is:  lighter, airier texture than the previous fare.  Less salty, and a nice hint of garlic.  Clean, indeed. But I must concede, the previous hummus had a nice bite to it that was lacking here.  This was smoother.  And I could always add more lemon.

Which begs the obvious: why aren't I making my own hummus?  I neither have nor desire a food processor.  I suppose I could do it by hand, people have done it before, it'd merely be less smooth but edible. 

Until then, this is getting fun.