Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wine beer. Or beer wine.

Today's very generous donation to the cause, the bottle reads,"For this farmhouse ale, we teamed up with our neighbors at Margerum Wine Company to bring the best of both to the table.  We brewed a pale, dry, spicy French-style table beer and then barreled it in oak barrels with Margerum's tropical, floral, bright savignon blanc must."

It is carried exclusively by Whole Foods who also had a hand in creating this partnership.   Figueroa Mountain's Biere de Manage ("home brew") tastes like flowery things with an undercurrent of clove.  It is based on the Saison ("season") style of beer making, a style that originated in the french-speaking region of Belgium.  During the slower winter months, the farm houses would brew this stuff to have on hand for their summer workers.  Originally around 3-3.5% ABV, this bottle was still a fairly easy 8%, and it was a perfect quaff to fritter away a long warm day.  Which it did. I was also there.  (Life on the farm is hard.)