Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Hotel Glendale gets its close up.

This is the Hotel Glendale.  I got this picture from The Glendale Historical Society website because the Hotel is indeed a national historical landmark, reference #94001197.  Also, this is how the Hotel typically looks: green awnings, red vehicles. 

Back in July, 2012 was this post about an Australian beer commercial being filmed here at the old Hotel Glendale. I posted a few photos of the shoot.  Red awnings, green vehicle. 

Then I forgot about it.

But Ever-Vigilant Glendale Denizen Tropico Station, THE Glendale Blog posted this video yesterday on his FB page, the actual ad filmed that day.  And though The Hotel is at the very beginning, stay for the crashing through the police barriers, at least. Cheers.