Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer whites.

I confess, I'm not a huge fan of white wine.  No idea why, it tastes good, it pairs well with the food I eat and it's a pleasant summer quaff.  Wait ... what was I thinking, I DO like white wine! Here are four that went down this summer. 
1.  2009 Kuentz-Bas Alsace. I think I blogged about this one already.  It was good.

2. 2011 Villa Angarano "Angarano Bianco" Vespailo Breganze.  (Really, are all those words necessary?)  Let's see, I went to Topline and asked for something that went well with hummus - you may still be having nightmares about the late great hummus search - and they gave me this. 

As a matter of fact, I had it with the above - sauteed arugula, fried porkchop covered in hummus and a side of japanese and lemon cucumbers with lemon, dill, mustard, olive oil.  this was all just way too tasty.  The wine was: nice.

3. 2010 Brewer-Clifton Mount Carmel Vineyard Chardonnay. A most generous gift to the cause, all I hear about California chardonnays are how buttery and oaky they are.  This was tight and minerally. Nice.

4. 2013 Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Dry Riesling.  Australian and dry, this was recommended to me by a customer.  It is a reasonable grab at K&L. It was my first dry Riesling, and I really liked it.

Maybe I am not a fan of whites because by nature troglodytes prefer the culture of being warmed than the culture of being refreshed.  Winter is coming?  Not this week.