Thursday, July 31, 2014

The good old days are now.

There is a never-ending generosity that is The Cave, and though I reference it to a possibly ad nauseam end, I will continue to reference it ad infinitum.  Because it's generous, and in this world that is something, every time.

Wino Summer continues with a contribution to the cause from the one and only, the legendary, you'd know him if you loved him: The Deanster. I was poking around the goods and decided it might be a good time to open this, a 2009 Kuentz-Bas Alsace. It's a Kermit Lynch wine.

Theoretically I prefer many wines, but few match my gastro-tendencies.  At the moment it is all about lemon, mustard, and hot sauce on some otherwise unimportant food item. To resolve the disparity, I typically hang out, have a glass of wine, and then have dinner.  This wine I thought might do okay with condiments.

And then R. came in.  R. came in Saturday talking about doing some much needed re-arranging, a favorite activity in the dog days of summer, and a necessary one in advance of the coming shipping season.  When it got to be within an hour of close and it looked like R. was still knee-deep in it, I offered to stay late.  After close this fell open, and I was happy to share it.

Sunday: DITTO!  R. was still in there working on his "system."  M. showed up so now we were all here after close working, catching up, and enjoying the pleasant generosity of The Deanster - also present in an ipso facto-y kind of maybe way.   A lovely evening, it's The Cave at its best.

Onward with the generosity!

On Monday or Tuesday, I decided to open this stuff up, a most generous donation from V.   Full Sail Black Gold Imperial Stout from Oregon. This is a Russian Stout aged for 10 months on bourbon casks from Kentucky. As you can see from the picture, "Still Life with Lemon," it's very inspiring stuff.  Drinking this is like lounging on the bottom of a bourbon barrel while eating a dark chocolate bar. This bottle is enough for twenty people.  Remember it on Valentine's day.

I am a most fortunate troglodyte surrounded by a great and warm AND VERY UNNECESSARY SO CUT IT OUT ALREADY generosity. Cheers.

A later-added PS.  About a week ago I was in 7-11 and saw this for the first time.  In response to my reaction, wordless and agog, The Niece said, "Don't look at it, just walk away."  All I have to say is "Clamato" might just be the most tragically named product ever.  That + beer + this beer is a train wreck too complicated to grasp. 

Earlier today I'd emailed V. to thank him for the stout, and he emailed back a picture of his wife in Hawaii drinking this stuff.   NO WAY!  Hahahahahahhahahahha!

Have fun in Hawaii, kids.  These are the good days.