Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Greater Glendale's most complete private wine storage locker"

I've not even started and I'm already verklempt with a beautiful nostalgia. 

I found this.  I found this this past year sometime, and have waited, patiently, to post it, filling the space between with many necessary thoughts, etc. 

Tomorrow is December 15, 2014, The Cave's official  32nd anniversary.  This is the original invitation to the opening. 

In a Glendale News Press article dated July 24, 1982 - which you can read here in our entry way along with many other articles about the Hotel's history - Mr. Day talks about the coming wine storage facility. 

"Day's pet project of the overall refurbishing is the construction of a wine storage business he will operate in the basement of the hotel.  Beginning with 180 locker to test the market, Day will eventually have about 400 lockers-for-rent in the huge basement.

"Civic Center Cellars may soon house one of the largest stores of fine wine in the Southland, provided wine lovers flock to rent the temperature controlled locker as Day is sure they will.

"...He plans to install a large oak door and other amenities to give the cellar some old world charm."

Oh those guys and their old world charm!
The Bordeaux Room opened first, and the Napa Room would follow years later.  Mr. Day had planned to change the name of the hotel to Civic Center House, and The Cave would, as the article states, be Civic Center Cellars.  I'm not sure why the change of heart, maybe after dealing with the city of Glendale over his many renovations he lost his love for all things Civic Center.  I CAN tell you troglodytes much prefer Caves to Civic Centers. 

Gil, also of Broadway-Glendale Co. designed the AC. Here's a picture of Gil enjoying his AC.

Joe Burns was your first emcee, and people who have been here from the beginning still tell me stories about him.  Vern followed.  It's the holidays and about time for me to call him. These are none of them the stereotype of what you might think of as an avid fan of this guy.

These were real guys, old school, from the greatest generation.  Mr. Day is no longer on earth, nor Joe Burns.  Where I sit today is their legacy, one of many, I'm certain, but for this one ... I am so grateful for this privilege.

Happy Birthday to us.