Friday, December 5, 2014

Farewell, iconic Cave shoes.

This is a picture of Keanu Reeves shoes.

This is a picture of Johnny Depp's shoes.

How do people know these things, how do they even exist as a point of interest and as something both researchable and findable?

More than once have comments been made on my shoes.  More than once have my shoes shared the same sentence at the same time as either or both of these guy's shoes.

                                                           RIP, Iconic Cave Shoes. 

You began as shoes, Ken's shoes, in NYC.  He didn't want them so I took them.  They had waffle soles. don't like waffle soles so I took them to a shoe guy and he shaved them off for me.  Much better!  In the end, I took to Doc's and these sat in the closet.  Then I made them something to ride a bike in.  Then I became a professional troglodyte and needed Cave-wear.  These were those.  The elastic sides lost their elasticity and they were twice sewn tighter, and finally just pinned.  Sometimes a heel would fall off for no particular reason, like while I was waiting for the elevator.  It wasn't until the two lines finally met that I called it.  That was the bargain.  Line one was making it's way across the sole from one direction, line two from the other. They met, and it was time to call it.  Also, tip-toeing through water was getting strange, if anyone was watching.

They've been replaced by the next pair of shoes going south. Circa 1990, the leather is already cracked.  They are not as forgiving to the two pairs of socks it takes to withstand a day in this frozen tundra (laundry is 9/10 socks), but they've the potential to become something, maybe a la Kiefer Sutherland.