Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Manzanilla fino sherry

 I've never had sherry.  Sherry in my head is the stuff of polite society circa 1950's, or the afternoon tea of old ladies sipped from tiny glasses.  In fact,  in his article, "Sherry: Not Just for Little Old Ladies," Ray Isle opens with a quiz.

 But after a bit of a sherry dissertation generously followed up with this gift of sherry, I took the sherry plunge this past weekend.  PLUNGE because of all the sherry varieties, this one had to be drunk in one felled swoop.  No leftovers.  AND NO DAWDLING.  (Wiki: "Once opened it will immediately begin to deteriorate and should be drunk in one sitting for the best results.")

Also, if you research things, you drink sherry with olives. Everyone said olives.  Funny.  So I bought olives.  Guess what: PERFECT.  Like peas and carrots, those olives and sherry.

You know what sherry tastes like?  Old white wine.  Slightly boozy, slight caramel things.  Interesting.  Different. 

This is the more artsy picture I took after glass two.  That "one-sitting" caveat is a trip.