Saturday, July 25, 2015

Notes, sort of, part two.

There are reusable shopping bags and reusable wine totes and I had one of those lying around.  So I used it.  It was given to me by the good people of Mission Wine and Spirits.  Other than the day they gave it to me, I never used it, but I do lend it to customers when they've forgotten their own bag. 

I used it earlier this week and at the bottom of it was this great receipt.  God bless Trader Joe's, home of the "Get Your Cheap Wine On."  Was this at the bottom of the bag, unnoticed, when I got it from Mission? OR: Is this one of my customers receipts?  Is this what is in their locker?  OR. Were they having a party (replete with ice-cream, pasta and clementines) and they didn't want to blow the good stuff?  It wouldn't be the first time.  No one is going to open something precious for an audience that thinks wine made from Kool Aid might be a worthwhile endeavor. Which I might try.

Also, minus the Charles Shaw, who'd know the difference?  "You'll love this wine!" is all you have to say, and of course everyone will believe you.  They'll think, Well, he has a wine locker, he must know what he's talking about. 

Even within this Trader Joe's mix, there is a pretty good variety.  It's not all Charles Shaw, so there is some thought and process here, balance and consideration.

Where else can you get 12 bottles of wine for less than $50?