Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wait for Dessert.

About three minutes after I saw this, (click on to enlarge) Cliff called and asked if he'd left his list behind. 

He did.  I read it off to him, then scanned it, and then emailed it to him in so he wouldn't accidentally blanch the green beans before sauteing the shallots.  DISASTER! 

Grocery has about 3,700 found grocery lists posted.  Some led to the book Milk Eggs Vodka, AKA, all you really need in life if you really get down to it, assuming you already have tea, that's what the milk is for.

There are also many googlable sites for found notes.  Buzzfeed once posted 15 Curious Things found in Library Books, which, if you're a library person, you know happens.  The book I got out this week only had someone's credit union receipt in it. Found Magazine also posts ... found notes.

Cliff's Note is  probably what a lot of people do who entertain.  They have to host, chat, pour, and still remember to get everything done in the right order.  Chill the wine before chopping the garlic and it's too cold for skirt steak, right?  I only hope he remembered to wait for dessert.