Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This week's farmers market science experiment.

This week at the Atwater Village Farmers Market, the woman on the front left had, still in their shell, raw peanuts. Elsewhere fuyu persimmons are starting to show up and I thought, you know, if you shelled those peanuts and fried them in brown butter with sage and the persimmons, it'd be really good

What I did was, I shelled the peanuts and fried them in brown butter, with a little canola oil, and salt, red pepper flakes, a little curry, and because I don't have sage I threw in some thyme and rosemary.  And the persimmons. What it was was, really good.  (But I still want to try it with sage, which they sell at the farmers market.  Don't ask.) Also, next time, do the peanuts for a while before adding the persimmon.  And add another persimmon. But really good. 

You could probably roast it in the oven, but this would require you to turn on the oven.

 Savory fruity things is a nice way to go. All summer I've been putting grapefruit in my salad.  With a lemon/mustard dressing, with red onions and feta, it's a really nice balance of flavors.  Persimmons are good the same way. 

Lastly, shelling raw peanuts is not nearly as easy as shelling roasted peanuts.  Some time and patience required.