Sunday, November 1, 2015

Beer-O-Rama weekend.

Not quite an O-Rama, there were only two beers, I'm working on my clickbait technique.

October closed with a 90-plus-degree Halloween, and then the month was declared the hottest October on record.  It was also the hottest summer on record for EARTHThe Blob Meets Godzilla El Nino, my new favorite horror movie, is having a swell time of it.  Stay tuned for the next installment, "When Natural Disasters Collide."  Floods, mud slides.  It's going to be riveting.

Until then, I opted the weekend wine take the form of beer, because David wanders in with random beer and a blazing mid-autumn weekend seemed like a good time to try them.

 Friday I tried this, Saison Dupont Vielle Provision Belgian Farmhouse Ale.  Good rating!  It was clove-y.

Saturday, I opened this, Everett Robust American Porter. Wow, great rating!  It was sweet.

Then it occurred to me I may have the least complicated palate ever, and it's a good thing I'm not Robert Parker because with this palate he'd be working in a cave right now.  Also, it occurs to me The Great Cave Generosity is wasted on me and maybe there are worthier troglodytes for this sort of thing, but of course they then most likely wouldn't be troglodytes.

Of course, I do have one advantage: as the weather shift becomes the new normal,  storing your product underground becomes increasingly more reasonable. Cheers.