Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bond. Cave Bond.

Sometimes The Cave and I need to spend a little quality time together, just the two of us, to keep the spark alive. Yesterday was that day.

The Cave AC is quarterly serviced, and the guy who is really taking care of us all by doing this usually likes to get started around six or seven a.m.  Troglodytes usually like to get started around noon. Suffering dawn builds character (not really) so for the love of all things The Cave, six a.m. it is. When Jay said NINE AM Thursday I was very happy.  I woke up at five-thirty a.m. and then around seven was afraid if I ever really did fall back asleep, I'd suffer nine, so I stayed up.  Then there was an AC emergency elsewhere and Jay had to cancel.

Friday, yesterday, we tried it again.  And again, I woke up around five-thirty a.m. Around seven I decided I'd suffer nine if I ever really did fall back asleep, so I stayed up and Jay didn't cancel.

There was a small necessity, we needed to let something dry and Jay ran out of things to do, so I suggested we go get beer and come back.  I'll not see Jay again until next year, and it seems a shame that a holiday will pass minus his having received a little love from The Cave. So I took Jay Christmas shopping at Mission on Glendale and Maple.

I can't quite divulge what happened there, but it was entirely awesome.  I asked The Amazing Garo for his help, Jay and The Amazing Garo were discussing preferences, YaddaYaddaYadda, and Jay got a super secret, hot off the press, not even OUT yet six-pack.  It was a total classy Amazing Garo moment.

We came back, everything was dry and good to go, and we finished.  I ran upstairs, had brekkie and a shower, and came down to work.

It's a lot like autumn. This means it's shipping season, and after a long and sleepy summer things are beginning to percolate around here.  Early in, two guys crossed paths who had both just come back from Italy, it turns out, and I got to do one of my favorite things: listen to two guys who know what they are talking about talk about wine.  And, in this case, the food, the towns, even the restaurants both had been to.  This was a very cool conversation to be privy to, and a real pleasure of the job.

If you've been following along at all, and I find that hard to believe, or otherwise pity you, you know I try to keep the bar for cleanliness reasonably set so as not to set false expectations.  The cellars were in need of a good sweep, but I wanted to wait until after Jay's visit because he adds to the need. Because of deliveries and other realities, this event did not happen during business hours. After work, I got one room done, but Amazing Race is on at eight so....

After the Amazing Race I came back down to do the other room. OK, this is how that went down. Vodka, iPod, hoodie sweatshirt. (FYI, me in a hoodie looks a lot like Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein.) Onward!

The Bordeaux Room  is eternally mysterious and with many labyrinths which night time only amplifies.  It's the best way to bond with The Cave, it's the best way to enter into this story that is The Cave, and seven years here it still gets me.  For the next hour I swept through it listening to Madonna, Donovan, Sex Pistols, Florence and the Machine, Peter Gabriel, The Mommas and The Pappas.  It was, really, just awesome.

At ten-thirty I was done and happy and sated and happy some more and finally slept very well after one of the better Cave days ever.

What's not to love about this place?