Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekend wine, and vinegar.

I figured since I am spending a lot of energy hoping we keep getting reasonable weather, I should offer  compromise by opening something white.  Because everyone knows white after Labor Day is tres gauche!  And I've managed to squeak through summer minus doing so.  (Success!)

But according to research, aka, Cellar Tracker, it seemed like this (a generous donation to The Cave) needed to be opened.

I don't know why I don't like white wine, it's pretty tasty stuff and of course this didn't disappoint.  It tasted a lot like pears the first night though no one else writing about it agrees.  Still, it was really good and everyone who tried it was excited to do so, so it's probably better than that. 

While writing this, A. brought in 35-year-old Corsican red wine vinegar, one of which he was good enough to pop open for a try. The first go was strong and tart and bitter, and left a raw path down to the gullet. My eyes watered. By second taste, though, it had already evened out and was softer with more finesse.  Super interesting! 

Coffee, wine, vinegar.  What a vast and curious realm of flavors there are! All the many hunters, how fortunate I am to experience the various fruits of their labors.