Saturday, January 7, 2017

Highlight Coffee.

Every time I walk past Highlight Coffee and see all the tables full - which is often- I'm so happy for owner Frank. The space is simple and pristine, the coffee beautifully served...this is a real experience in impeccable aesthetics. But the real money shot is at night, walking past this historical building, a beautiful soft, white light emanating from its iconic corner. The whole building glows because of it.  The building is fortunate to have this.

On Christmas day, when he finally gets a day off, Frank instead had free coffee and pastries set up in the lobby for all the residents.  Even when some jerk dumped the canister of milk all over things, only a few minutes later it was again clean and beautifully presented.

The old Hotel Glendale is moving up in the world, and Frank @ Highlight Coffee is the class act.