Thursday, January 19, 2017

3 odd bits of the week.

Out and about, recently I saw this.  It took me a second.  (The frame helped.) Then I took a picture of it, and then I accidentally deleted it.   Here it is meticulously re-created for your perusal:

I'm not sure that was the exact license plate frame, but it was one I found on the internet.  Also, clearly not the official State of California license plate font. Fonts are a big deal amongst the font lovers, and there are many forums on license plates and their fonts.  Like the classic CA black plates use "Penitentary Gothic Fill." I don't know if that was its original name, or a post-plate tongue-in-cheek font design. A lot of people talk about Pennsylvania's font.  Many people are very devoted to license plates.  Others to wine.  This person is devoted to both.

Saw this curious couple at the Glendale Community College swap meet, (circa 1972), this past weekend. $40 and $30, respectively.  I was about to open one, and the guy told me they were designed only as display.  I asked if they were filled with water, (like, can you legally sell these at a flea market?) but he didn't answer me.  I get that a lot. 
It turns out the bottle was empty.  Never mind, then.

This happened this past weekend, so I am told. I wasn't there. Bert and Ernie's Barley Wine by way of Eske's Brew Pub and Eatery.  I take it that's Ernie on the right there, maybe the brewer (?) It was brewed only once.  We were joking about how the label looks like it was made with an x-acto knife and xerox machine.

But I hear it was delicious!