Thursday, November 3, 2011

boxing day, sort of.

I opened up today, looked at this, and thought, How does this happen?

Therefore The Commonwealth of The Cave declared today Boxing Day, officially moving the date of the event while simultaneously redefining it as something less lucrative for both shoppers and the needy (unless you're the guy with the pick-up truck who drives through the alley at two a.m. picking up cardboard to recycle, then today is going to be a pretty good day for you).

Boxes are interesting, I also declare, and one reason they are capable of overwhelming the space is because I tend to be seduced by their endlessly inventive architecture. Standard is the formed styrofoam insert that both secures and insulates, or the pulp cardboard inserts, reminiscent of the egg carton, but once in awhile you get a new one, like this box that I finally gave in on and collapsed down today. It was one of the sturdiest boxes I've seen. It's fascinating, the amount of design, time, concept, engineering and architecture that go into a mere these designs used in various egg dropping contests.