Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thank you, Annabelle

Like a proper troglodyte would, the farther from the underground the more jittery I get. Street level is daunting, bridges more so, tall buildings, and finally...the dreaded airplane at six miles above the plush, gravitationally sound, terra firma. Which is why when I was about to have to do that I thought a last supper was due. Just in case.

Over there is a picture of Annabelle. Her owner describes her this way: "She is a Red Star hen. She enjoys Swiss Chard, grass, chasing my dogs, and long walks around the yard. She lets me pick her up and carry her around when she's in a good mood."

I asked about Annabelle because my last supper featured one of Annabelle's eggs. Kristina, not a hen and also Annabelle's owner, very generously brought in for me a few of Annabelle's eggs only a few days prior, and if you're going for comfort food you can't really go wrong with pork chops and eggs. It was, of course, de-lish.

There is now a group in LA called the Los Angeles Urban Chicken Enthusiasts. We all need something to be enthusiastic about, like I'm very enthusiastic to be sub-terra again. Eric Asimov wrote about eggs and wine back in 2008. If you Google 'wine and eggs pairing' you get as many opinions as results, but brussel sprouts, potatoes and eggs would be really good.