Friday, April 20, 2012

Mayors, Writers, and StoryCellars.

Whoo, what a week!  Glendale has been atwitter with Kim Kardashian and I am finally able to be still long enough to catch up on a few loose ends.

1. Even I who lives in a cave has not been able to duck the Kardashian Extravaganza that has become Glendale.  All this based on an idle utterance that is her TV show, which I've never seen.  After a week of local (and national) near-hysteria, and many bits of irony on local blogs and youtube and late night talk shows,(which are very funny and I can't re-post here), let me just say that Miss Kardashian would be great for Glendale.  Everyone would move here, real-estate prices would soar, and whoever didn't like it could make a bundle on their house and move.

But Kim's is not the only story.

2.  Bart Edelman, a person of great wine storage taste, is on tour for his most recent book, The Geographer's Wife.  It's poems.  Here's today's article on him in the Glendale News Press.  His Glendale reading is April 29 @ 2:pm at the Glendale Central Library. 

There once was a man named Bart
who turns everyday words into art.
A touch of the vine
makes them sublime
And now he'll be reading them to us at the Glendale Central Library next week.  At 2 p.m. 


3. Storycellars: every wine has a story. 

Aren't these pictures gorgeous ?  A few months ago a couple of Cave kids re-evaluated their lives, decided to shuck it all and moved up to wine country to give a go.  Still planting roots, heh-heh, here's one that's finished.


Storycellars is also on facebook, and what's really cool about following them is their telling the stories of wine is also their new and unfolding story, so it's like a two-fer.