Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cave Swag Wednesday.

I opened up Wednesday and O' what a way to start a week. In the mail pile, new swag!  Exciting!  We've received so far a calender, a pen and a small flashlight. What did we get this time?

Clever: A pen with a flashlight!  Someone seems to have figured out we're in a Cave. As soon as the current sign-in pen quits, this one will replace it.  (PS: the current Cave sign-in pen is previous Cave swag.)

If you were following @CaveWineStorage on the Tweety, and there is no real reason to do so, you'd have caught this Pulitzer Prize nominated tweet:
It's true. Wednesdays have become oddly active, possibly straggling spring shipments that have been sitting around Monday and Tuesday awaiting their hibernation.  It allowed for another lovely Accidental Intersection.

Listening to two people who know about wine talk about wine is the best way to learn about wine.  Unlike articles or any structured learning, idle wine banter, Conversational Wine, seems to better stick. It's like gossip, maybe, or it simply has more personality, so to connect with it is easier.  This was a really nice conversation between two awesome people and for me a pleasurable parcel of privy.

(I blur the faces to protect the innocent.)

Many SWAGS, this Cave, and one eternally fortunate troglodyte.