Sunday, April 13, 2014

Friday's Reward.

What would a troglodyte ever do with "apps?"  Or X Box 360, which I had to Google just to be sure I was referencing something from this century?  Okay, Google Glass could be kind of cool, but The Cave ecosystem is fueled by something even better. 

Accidental Intersections. 

A gentleman once declared to me in his several here years he's never seen another person.  It can go like that, but so can the opposite.  When that happens I look for opportunities, shared passions I might know, and then introductions will occur.  Other times I realize if I introduce The Accidental Intersection it will be a much worse accident.  A good troglodyte pays attention and knows these things. 

After a day with no activity and a week that would soon wrap up,  a most lovely intersection today, one of different cultures and generations but of similar manner, and introductions were a pleasure. A most lovely way to end the week, one that reminds you your good fortune.  AGAIN. Cheers.

(PS, yes, we're a bit over run with boxes.  During shipping season they are like bunnies.  We keep them so people can use them. Soon they will be gone.)